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  • Dr Christian Jessen, GP and TV presenter recommends acupuncture

  • For 40 years I've survived on three hours' sleep a night: Toyah Willcox on her battle with insomnia

  • Acupuncture featured in new booklet from Anxiety UK

Acupuncture recommended by Anxiety UK - read their new booklet "Understanding Anxiety"


Affordable Acupuncture

I also work at The Big Room located at Eau De Vie in Oxford. The Big Room offers affordable acupuncture in a multi-bed setting. See for more information.

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The founder of the college I went to is on television talking about acupuncture and the brain. 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor, BBC 2 Wednesday 15th October 2014.Hugh McPherson and his team at York University show how the brain reacts to acupuncture needles during an MRI scan.

A growing forum offering fertility support

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Acupuncture for fertility research

Check out for some great research findings, tips and information on the efficacy of acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy support.